Are You That Crazy Ex-Girlfriend?

How can something so good and sought after make us so damn crazy? I’m talking about love. It’s no secret that love is notorious for making women a little crazy. So, which are you? The typical ex or are you a bit more psychotic? A little harsh of a word, I know… but a perfect description. Here’s some help… if you catch yourself doing the following, you might need to take a step back:

Photo source: Pinterest

1. You repeatedly call or text even though he doesn’t answer. The brutal truth… if he’s not answering, there’s a reason for that, and it’s not that his phone didn’t get the notification.
2. You find yourself hacking his accounts. While you two were together, you had his passwords. Now that you’re no together anymore you do not… I repeat, DO NOT have the right to break into his social media & email.
3. You’re still snooping, even though he blocked you. If he unfriended, unfollowed, and blocked you from all of his social media, then you’re obviously no longer welcome in his life. Don’t use your friends’ accounts to keep tabs on him!
4. Still trying to suck him back in. Making lies to get his attention, trying to justify your bad behavior, making scenes so people could be on your side.
5. You’re STALKING him!!! Driving past his house to see if he’s there or showing up wherever he checks in on social media. Stop the games. You can’t spend your life obsessing over his Instagram pics, Facebook shares, and tweeted thoughts.
6. If you’re thinking about him all the freaking time, it’s time for you to get a life & start thinking about yourself instead.
7. Stop bothering his friends. They’re his friends, not yours, and they don’t want you badgering them for information about his new life.
8. You’re trying to sabotage his love life. You’re no longer in the picture, and he’s free to date any girl he wants. Let him move on, and start focusing on how you’re gonna to move forward with your life.
9. If your friends think you talk about your ex too much, they’re probably right. You trust your friends with everything else, so why not this? They’ve heard every detail of your breakup enough to feel like it was their own, so give them a break.
10. STOP posting about your breakup. Taking your breakup to social media isn’t cool. The exact details about your breakup, depressing status updates, sharing every photo video and article about how men are the scum of the earth… (rolling eye emoji)

I know a break up can be hard, but keep your cool and leave your private life to discuss with your real friends.